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Individual-WM 2005 - Anaheim

Vom 15. bis 21. August im Arrowhead Pond  

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Ein historischer Moment für den Badmintonsport - WM-Gold im Herrendoppel geht in die USA
Fotos und Bericht: Edwin Leung

Schon Gunawan & Bachs Einzug ins Endspiel war für die gesamte Badmintonszene eine Riesenüberraschung.
Pausengespräch mit dem indonesischen Coach Halim Haryanto, Gunawans Weltmeister-Partner von 2001.
Gunawan (vorne) bereitete mit genialer Netzarbeit vor, Bach machte von hinten Druck. (Klickbig)
Überraschend viele amerikanische Fans füllten den riesigen Arrowhead Pond.
Sigit (vorne) und Candra wollten noch einmal einen großen Titel.
Nach grandiosem Schlussspurt reckt Tony die Faust des Sieges in den Himmel.
Howards Racket fliegt in den Himmerl über Anaheim.
Badminton-Amerika feierte den größten Triumph der Verbandsgeschichte.
Umarmung zweier Olympiasieger.
Gemeinsamkeit auch mit Sigit.
Das Siegerinterview.
Eine historische Siegerehrung.
Die Gratulationscours beginnt.
Umarmungen und...
Pressekonferenz mit viel gegenseitiger Wertschätzung.
Der US-Verband in seiner größten Stunde.
badminton.de-Fotograf Edwin Leung mit zwei Weltmeistern.

So erlebte badminton.de-Fotograf Edwin Leung den Sieg von Tony Gunawan & Howard Bach


Indonesier ließen zu, dass die Amerikaner in Adrenalinrausch kamen


Niemand konnte diesen Sieg vorhersagen
Yesterday evening the result of the mens doubles final was a great upset and broke many hearts of the Indonesians supporters. The famous combination of the Indonesian idols Sigit and Candra lost to the USA pair Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach. This is probably the greatest upset and biggest surprise in world badminton history. Surely a result that no one could have predicted.
I am also sure that no one would have thought that the following seeded players would not even reach the semi finals:
1. Twice Olympic gold medallists, China's Zhang Jun & Gao Ling
2. Defending mens doubles world champions, Denmark's Lars Paaske & Jonas Rasmussen.
3. Top mens doubles seeds Denmark's Martin Lundgaard & Jens Eriksen
4. Hong Kong's ladies singles player Wang Chen.
But most of all no one could have predicted the success of the USA pair in the mens doubles. Tony Gunawan was a former top Indonesian player, having partnered both Sigit and Candra with excellent results, but Howard Bach has had no great results in top class tournaments.
However, finally they did it, not only getting to the final but actually winning the World Championship.

Finale zog alle in seinen Bann
This exciting final which captivated everyone finished at 10.30 pm and after the medal presentation ceremony both pairs went to the press room for interviews. While all the photographers rushed to the press room in order to send their pictures,
I made use of the time gap to request Cliff Peters, the President of USA badminton to stay on court for the celebration picture, which should be taken on court the same evening. I finally got  that pic! When I returned to the press room it was already 11.30 pm and after sending pics to Germany I was the last one to leave the 2005 World Championship stadium. It was 1 am in the morning.

Tony bügelte sogar noch Howards Fehler aus  
Later in the morning during breakfast, I talked to the Indonesian doubles coach, the famous doubles legend Christian Hadinata and we discussed the reason for the result.  He said Sigit and Chandra were slower than before, while Tony really played to his very best, returning every seemingly impossible shuttle and was very fast to cover any mistakes made by his partner Howard. This he felt was what created such an upset for the Indonesian pair.

Selbstsichere Indonesier gestatteten den US-Boys ihre himmelhohen Gefühle
I also met the Malaysian head coach, Yap Kim Hock, his analysis was that the main reason for the result was heavily weighted on the Indonesian side. The Indonesians appeared to be over-confident in playing the USA pair and thus allowing their opponents to win the first set which not only gave the Americans more confidence but whipped up the already sky high emotions of the home crowd whose cheering raised the atmosphere inside the stadium and also raised the fighting spirit and the adrenalin of the home pair, so that despite losing the second set and being 9-11 down in the third, they fought back to win the title and make history. Coach Yap highly praised the performance of Tony Gunawan.

Für Sigit gab die Zuschauerbegeisterung den Ausschlag
Whilst sitting in the hotel lobby at 5 pm, waiting for the shuttle bus to the airport, I met and talked to Sigit and Candra. At first Sigit insisted that their performance was not below that of their recent successes in the Singapore Open and the Malaysian Open. But later on he did agree that their own performance was only 95 per cent. However he gave Tony 110 per cent for his play, and added that the home crowd gave an untold advantage to the American pair and that the result could have been different if it were played outside the USA. They really wishes to win the champion again, it would be miracle as they won the trophy seven years ago (1997 World Championship).

IBF-Vorgaben wurden erfüllt
The Malaysian reporters jokingly said that the result was because the four players had followed the intention and guide line of the IBF to speed up the development and growth of Badminton in the USA.

Man kennt sich und man hilft sich
Here is some interesting information on the four Indonesians players (one being the USA coach, three still playing):
Tony partnered Candra to win the 2000 Olympic Gold Medal.
Tony partnered Halim Haryanto to win the 2001 World Championship Mens double title, All England and Singapore Open.
Tony went to the USA to study in 2002.
Halim Haryanto has also had some good achievements with both Sigit and Candra.
With Candra runner up in 2004 Asian Championships and 2003 Danmark Open.
ith Sigit winner of 2000 Dutch Open and runner up in 2000 Thai Open.
Halim has now moved to the USA to coach Howard and Tony.
Hence Tony and Halim are very familiar with the play of Sigit and Candra.

Und so zieht die chinesische Presse WM-Bilanz:


WC conclusion – the 5 countries still stay on top - Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Korea and Denmark

2005-8-24 Brilliant Daily News
Translated from Chinese by Cecelia Tsang
USA created a miracle by winning the Gold Medal in World Championship Mens Doubles.  Can the USA pair Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach open the world’s biggest sports market to badminton?
The WC has come to an end.  For the 5 gold medals, 2 each went to China and Indonesia, while USA got it first historical Gold!
The USA WC could be described as meddlesome -- famous players withdrew one after another due to injuries, chilly wind blowing fiercely, what has this arena that is so fit for kite flying left behind for world’s badminton sport?

Is USA a wrong choice?
Was it a mistake for the 300 odd players from 34 countries and regions to fly all the way from the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean to USA the badminton wilderness?
First of all, the Americans hardly care about badminton.  Secondly, they are not professional in hosting badminton competitions.  Shuttlecocks are sensitive to wind, yet strong winds kept blowing in the arena.
However, the long term objective for IBF to choose USA is to open the world’s biggest sports market, and at least let the Americans understand what Badminton is all about.
With increasing audience at the matches, and the badminton heat wave aroused by the USA pair winning the mens doubles, IBF can be considered gaining its initial success. The USA leads the world in sports marketing, hence to open the world’s market for badminton, one needs to start with emphasizing on handling the emotions of the audience and put efforts to create an exciting atmosphere.

The revival of Indonesia
For China, the females excel.  For Indonesia, the males dominate.  Yet for USA, they became famous suddenly.   In the international badminton scene, the top 5 countries remain unchanged – China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea and Demark.  However, the power of these top 5 have changed since the revival of Indonesia.
Indonesia won 1 silver medal in the last WC, won 1 gold and 2 bronzes in last year’s Olympics, and won 2 golds, 1 silver and 1 bronze in this year’s WC.  Their winning players are almost solely males, as contrast to China whose winning players are mainly females.
Since 1992 when badminton got into the Olympics, 70% of the international medals were won by China and Indonesia.  Malaysia, Korea and Demark are only in the second tier.
The suprising of USA is only a single case.  It is too early yet for the USA to climb to the top.  Without a strong reserve team, they are in a very disadvantaged position.  USA cannot rely solely on foreign aides to get to the top.

Be same as tennis – the female players dressing up like Sharapova
The IBF Vice-president remarked on Monday. “The female players should dress up more fashionably, like the beautiful Russian Sharapova who has just become world’s no. 1 ranking tennis player.”
“We have to move along with the world.  I hope to see our players wearing more fashionable outfits at competitions.  However, we are still a long way off.  You see the sexy outfit of Sharapova, it just too beautiful!"



Die chinesische Internet-Sportnewsagentur Sina Sports beleuchtet aus Anlass des WM-Titels für die USA durch den eingebürgerten Indonesier Tony Gunawan unter dem Stichwort "Auslandshilfe" die Rolle, die importierte Spieler bei den Erfolgen von anderen Nationen spielen:


Imported Badminton players often bring victories, Yet it is Tony Gunawan who made history
2005-8-24 Sina Sports - Translated by Cecelia Tsang

The 14th World Championship was ended with the host country USA snapping the final god medal.  It is Tony Gunawan, formerly a famous Indonesian team player, who created history for USA.  Before this, a lot of players like Gunawan have migrated to other countries and acted as ‘foreign aids’ to establish colorful victories for their new homeland.

At the end of 1985, at the World Badminton Grand Series held in Japan, an Australian with a Chinese face got into the men’s single final. His name is Sze Yu 施羽. He was actually a Chinese migrated to Australian.  In China, he was not famous at all in badminton.  However, he made a name in the barren land.  Although he lost the final contesting with China’s top seed Han Jian 韩健, he still got the silver medal which was the best he ever obtained.

The Dutch women single top seed Mia Audina 张海丽 was originally the main players of the Indonesian team and won the Uber Cup twice.尤伯杯.  Audina married to a Dutch and has been playing for the Dutch since.  The Dutch women team advanced by leaps and bounds since the joining of Audina and the former China team player Yao Jie (chin. Zhang Haili 姚洁). In 2003, Audina played for the Dutch for the first time at the Uber Cup and got a bronze medal, the best result the Dutch ever had in history.  In the last World Championship, Audina got into the semi-finals.  In the Athens Olympic Games, Audina advanced further to gain the Women Single Silver Medal.  The Dutch women team become international famous with the backup of Audina.

Mia Audinas former compatriot Fung Permadi (chin. Chen Feng) had advanced to the peak of his life in Taiwan China.  He migrated to Taiwan due to vigorous competition within the Indonesian team.  In Taiwan, Permadi had a lot of chances to compete in international matches due to his superior performance.  Permadi did not let the good opportunities slip away in vain.  He got into Men’s Single Semi-final after wining one match after another, making his personal best and snapping the first medal in World class matches for Taiwan.  The success of Fung Permadi had prompted the development of the badminton sport in Taiwan.  After a few years of vigorous trainings, the Taiwan players are emerging in the world matches, snapping one gold and one bronze in last year’s World Youth Championships, and a bronze medal in WS in this year’s World Championships.

The Singapore player Ronald Susilo is also an Indonesian. Although his standing is not on par with Mia Audina, Fung Permadi, Tony Gunawa, etc., his winning over Lin Dan in the first round of the Athens Olympic Games has turned him world famous.

China also is the main exporter of badminton players.  Apart from Yao Jie, France's Pi Hongyan 皮红艳 , Germany's Xu Huaiwen, Hong Kong's Wang Chen and Wu Wei were all Chinese natives.  All of them were not famous in their motherland flooding with skilled players, but once they got out of the country, they have become shining stars.  Pi Hongyan, Xu Huaiwen, Yao Jie and Mia Audina had joined hands to fight in Europe with no resistance, winning medals after medals, becoming the idols in their new motherlands. Wang Chen and Wu Wei both became the Number one seeds of Hong Kong, and are among the top 10 in world ranking.
Tony Gunawan not only creates history for the USA by winning the first Gold Medal for the country, he is also the first play representing another country to win a Gold. The magnificent achievement of Tony Gunawan would certainly worth going down in the history of badminton.


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