BCA Indonesia Open 2014


Superseries-Turnier 7/14 Premier - 750 000 Dollar Preisgeld - Level 2
Vom 17. bis 22. Juni in Jakarta, Istora Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta Pusat. Referee: Isabelle Jobart (FRA).
Erstmaliger Titelsponsor ist BCA - Bank Central Asia. Der bisherige Titelsponsor, die Djarum Fondation bleibt allerdings als Turniersponsor im Boot
Zeitdifferenz: Jakarta ist 5 Stunden voraus - 18 Uhr Ortszeit sind 13 Uhr bei uns.

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Fotos von Edwin Leung

Zwei Halbfinalüberraschungen: Der Japaner Tago schlug nach 71 Minuten Lee Chong Wei, Weltmeisterin Ratchanok kämpfte in 84 Minuten Wang Shixian nieder


Dänen-Siege durch Jörgensen und Fischer & Pedersen


HF: Kenichi Tago (JPN) - LEE Chong Wei (MAS) 21:16 15:21 21:16 (71 Minuten)
Jan O. Jörgensen (DEN) - CHEN Long (CHN) 21:19 21:18
Fin.: Jan O. Jörgensen (DEN) - Kenichi Tago (JPN) 21:18 21:18
HF: LI Xuerui (CHN) - Nichaon Jindapon (THA) 21:19 21:10
Ratchanok Intanon (THA) - WANG Shixian (CHN) 19:21 21:16 21:13 (84 min)
Fin.: LI Xuerui (CHN) - Ratchanok Intanon (THA) 21:13 21:13
HF: Ahsan & Setiawan (INA) - KIM Ki Jung & KIM Sa Rang (KOR) 17:21 21:13 21:10
LEE Yong Dae & YOO Yeon Seong (KOR) - FU Haifeng & ZHANG Nan (CHN) 21:16 23:21
Fin.: LEE Yong Dae & YOO Yeon Seong (KOR) - Mohammad Ahsan & Hendra Setiawan (INA) 21:15 21:17
HF: TIAN Qing & ZHAO Yunlei (CHN) - JUNG Kyung Eun & KIM Ha Na (KOR) 21:15 21:9
MA Jin & TANG Yuanting (CHN) - JANG Ye Na & KIM So Young (KOR) 22:20 22:20
Fin.: TIAN Qing & ZHAO Yunlei (CHN) - MA Jin & TANG Yuanting (CHN) o.K./wo
HF: Fischer & Pedersen (DEN) - LEE Yong Dae & SHIN Seung Chan (KOR) 21:18 21:15
XU Chen & MA Jin (CHN) - Tontowi Ahmad & Liliyana Natsir (INA) 18:21 21:12 21:15
Fin.: Joachim Fischer Nielsen & Christinna Pedersen (DEN) - XU Chen & MA Jin (CHN) 18:21 21:16 21:14.

Die Viertelfinalergebnisse:


Dänen gleich zweimal vertreten - Gastgeber Indonesen gar nicht
LEE Chong Wei (MAS*1) - Hans-Kristian Vittinghus (DEN) 21:18 21:11
Kenichi Tago (JPN*4) - HU Yun (HKG) 21:18 21:11
Jan O. Jörgensen (DEN*3) - SON Wan Ho (KOR*7) 21:17 21:14
CHEN Long (CHN*2) - CHEN Yuekun (CHN) 21:18 21:16
Von den Viertelfinalistinnen der Vorwoche in Japan war nur Li erneut dabei
LI Xuerui (CHN*1) - Saina Nehwal (IND*8) 22:20 21:15
Nichaon Jindapon (THA) - BAE Yeon Ju (KOR*6) 17:21 21:14 22:20
Ratchanok Intanon (THA*4) - YU Sun (CHN) 21:11 21:10
WANG Shixian (CHN*2) - Busanan Ongbumrungpan (THA) 21:19 21:19
Malaysia testete die Tanners-Kombination
Mohammad Ahsan & Hendra Setiawan (INA*1) - Gideon Markus FERNALDI & Markis Kido (INA*8) 21:13 21:23 21:13
KIM Ki Jung & KIM Sa Rang (KOR*4) - LEE Sheng Mu & TSAI Chia Hsin (TPE*5) 2114 21:17
LEE Yong Dae & YOO Yeon Seong (KOR*6) - TAN Boon Heong & TAN Wee Kiong (MAS) 15:21 21:6 21:19
FU Haifeng & ZHANG Nan (CHN) - LIU Xiaolong & QIU Zihan (CHN*7) 21:11 21:14  
Pedersen & Juhl wurden niedergekämpft
TIAN Qing & ZHAO Yunlei (CHN*8) - LUO Ying & LUO Yu (CHN) 21:11 21:15
JUNG Kyung Eun & KIM Ha Na (KOR) - LEE So Hee & SHIN Seung Chan (KOR) 22:20 21:10
MA Jin & TANG Yuanting (CHN) - Shinta Mulia SARI & YAO Lei (SIN) 21:18 17:21 22:20
JANG Ye Na & KIM So Young (KOR*5) - Christinna Pedersen & Kamilla Rytter Juhl (DEN*2) 14:21 22:20 22:20
Holländisches Paar war dabei
LEE Yong Dae & SHIN Seung Chan (KOR) - Jacco Arends & Selena Piek (NED) 21:17 10:8 Aufgabe
Joachim Fischer Nielen & Christinna Pedersen (DEN*4) - KO Sung Hyun & KIM Ha Na (KOR*8) 11:21 21:16 21:9
XU Chen & MA Jin (CHN*3) - KAI Lu & YAQIONG Huang (CHN) 21:13 21:17 
Tontowi Ahmad & Liliyana Natsir (INA*2) - Chris Adcock & Gabrielle Adcock (ENG*5) 21:12 21:8

2.Rd.: Peter Käsbauer & Isabel Herttrich - Ko Sung Hyun & Kim Ha Na 12:21 13:21

1.Rd.: Marc Zwiebler - Simon Santoso 12:21 21:13 20:22

Marc liebt die indonesischen Zuschauer
Ein Bericht von Lam Pok Fung
Today is the second day of the BCA Indonesian Open 2014, an unlucky day for Marc Zwiebler. He lost to Simon Santoso by deuce in the last set, after a one-hour tough battle.
It was the third time Marc and Simon played against each other, both players knew so well about opponents’ tactics and style. Both of them had excellent performance today, making it one of the most exciting matches of the day, and drowned all the audiences in the stadium, especially the Indonesian home crowd.
Satzausgleich auf der bessern Seite
Marc lost the first set, but he still showed great confidence and chased to a 1:1 tie when he changed to the better side of the court. At the last set, the German player remained calm and easy despite a 5-point lag in the first half. He returned to the better side after the interval, he made the best of the advantage and reached match point first.
Just when everyone was ready to celebrate Marc’s superb comeback, things turned dramatically.  He lost four easy points in a row, with two smashes straight onto the net, leading to the defeat.
Etwas ungeduldig
The result was disappointing, and Marc thinks it is a bit unlucky for him, “At the end I was a bit impatient, and there was wind which drifted the shuttle. When the game is so close, sometimes luck matters.”
Marc enjoyed the game nevertheless, he also loved the atmosphere and the home crowd, “The atmosphere is great, although the Indonesian inevitably support their home player, it does not bother me, I still love them.”
The Indonesians love you too, Marc. Hope to see you soon in the Australian Open.

1.Rd.: Michael Fuchs & Johannes Schöttler - Chris Adcock & Andrew Ellis 19:21 20:22

1.Rd.: Michael Fuchs & Birgit Michels - Tontowi Ahmad & Lilyana Natsir 16:21 21:18 19:21

Das deutsche Paar lieferte Weltmeistern eine "große Schlacht"
badminton.de-Reporter Lam Pok Fung berichtet aus Jakarta
Despite all odds, Birgit Michels and Michael Fuchs – the first runner-up winner in Japan Open 2014 – had given Lilyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad, the tournament’s seed number two pair from Indonesia a hard time, surprising the home crowd and spectators.

The German pair had just departed from Japan to Indonesia yesterday, while Birgit had to play qualification round for women double this morning, followed by the tough mixed double games at night, they hardly had any time for rest or tactical preparation. Besides of the strong opponent, Michael and Birgit also faced the overwhelming cheer and support of the Indonesian home crowd.

Moreover, a crucial misjudgment by the lines judge had caused trouble to the away team, helping Indonesia to lead by 10:8, rather than 9:9 tie during the third set.

“That was out, I saw it, you saw it, everyone saw it”, remarked Michael after the match, whom was still anguished about the wrong call by the lines judge in the third set, which he thought is crucial and changed the game results. “If they called that rally out, then the score would be 9:9, but not 8:10.”

Nevertheless, the German pair had shown their brilliant skills and toughness, by fighting a great battle which lasted for an hour, losing by 16:21, 21:18, and 19:21 with a close margin of only two points in the third set. It was a truly exciting game and thrilled all audience.

After the grievous defeat tonight, Michael will prepare for the Men Doubles match on the next day. He is a supporter of Germany in the football World Cup and he trusts that Thomas Müller will become the top scorer in the Cup; let us all anticipate the awesome performance of Michael, and hope that he will become the top scorer in the BCA Indonesia Open 2014 as well.

Kurz nach ihrer Anreise aus Japan, wo die beiden noch Sonntag im Endspiel standen, lieferten Michael Fuchs & Birgit Michels...
...erneut ein Weltklasse-Match. Gegen die amtiernden Weltmeister unterlagen sie nur knapp.
Noch nach dem Spiel war Michael Fuchs sauer wegen einer Linienrichter-Entscheidung,...
...die ihren indonesischen Gegnern im dritten Satz eine 10:8-Führung brachte.

Die Spiele der Deutschen:
(In allen Disziplinen 32er-Felder)

Käsbauer & Herttrich kamen bis ins Achtelfinale

Marc Zwiebler - Simon Santoso (INA) 12:21 21:13 20:22
Michael Fuchs & Johannes Schöttler - Chris Adcock & Andrew Ellis (ENG) 19:21 20:22
Peter Käsbauer & Isabel Herttrich
   1.Rd.: - Tarun Koma & Ashwini Ponnappa (IND) 19:21 21:14 21:19
   Afin.: - KO Sung Hyun & KIM Ha Na (KOR*8) 12:21 13:21
Michael Fuchs & Birgit Michels - Tontowi Ahmad & Lilyana Natsir (INA*2) 16:21 21:18 19:21
Qualifikation: Birgit Michels & Isabel Herttrich
                  - Sinta Arum Antasari & Febriani Endar Kusumawati (INA) 21:16 21:10
                  - Komala Dewi & Jenna Gozali (INA) 21:18 16:21 15:21

Als Trainer dabei: Xuyan Wang

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