PICC China Open 2006


GP-Turnier 17/06 - 250 000 USDollar Preisgeld - 6* - 17. bis 22. Oktober in Guangzhou, Tianhe Gymnasium. Titelsponsor PICC P&C ist eine 1993 gegründete Immobilien- und Versicherungsgesellschaft.


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Hier gibt es die Ergebnisbögen der Achtelfinals im HE - DE - HD - DD - MX (als Excel-Datei).  



Fotos von ©Edwin Leung.  

Indonesier Kido & Setiawan verhinderten das totale chinesische Abräumen


Bao Chunlai konnte seinen Halbfinaltriumph über Lin Dan nicht krönen


HF: BAO Chunlai (CHN) - Lin Dan (CHN) 18:21 21:19 21:10
CHEN Hong (CHN) - CHEN Jin (CHN) 14:21 21:15 21:17
Fin.: CHEN Hong (CHN) - BAO Chunlai (CHN) 21:17 21:19
HF: ZHANG Ning (CHN) - WANG Chen (HKG) 21:13 21:14 
YAO Jie (NED) - Kaori Mori (JPN) 21:17 21:19
Fin.: ZHANG Ning (CHN) - YAO Jie (NED) 21:14 21:5
HF: CAI Yun & FU Hai Feng (CHN) - Luluk Hadiyanto & Alvent Yulianto (INA) 21:18 18:21 21:13
Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (INA) - Jens Eriksen & Martin Lundgaard (DEN) 21:15 21:14
Fin: Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (INA) - CAI Yun & FU Hai Feng (CHN) 21:16 21:16
HF: YANG Wei & ZHANG Jiewen (CHN) - CHIEN Yu Chin & CHENG Wen Hsing (TPE) 21:12 17:21 21:14 
ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili (CHN) - ZHANG Dan & ZHAO Ting Ting (CHN) 21:15 17:21 21:16
Fin.: YANG Wei & ZHANG Jiewen (CHN) - ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili (CHN) 21:17 21:7
HF: XU Chen & ZHAO Tingting (CHN) - ZHANG Jun & GAO Ling (CHN) 21:17 21:19
XIE Zhongbo & ZHANG Yawen (CHN) - HE Han Bin & YU Yang (CHN) 21:16 21:14
Fin: XIE Zhongbo & ZHANG Yawen (CHN) - XU Chen & ZHAO Tingting (CHN) 21:19 21:5.


Reports from Guangzhou by Louis Chan and Kenneth Ting

Chinas Presse nahm von Flüchtling Yao Jie keine Notiz
Yao Jie finally lost to China’s Zheng Ning in the finals. Yao seemed to have no clue during the game, losing by 14:21 and 5:21. Zheng had taken the upper hand right from the start and Yao had made a lot of unforced errors which contributed to her loss. Although Yao is one of the finalists in this tournament, Chinese press never seemed to have any interest in interviewing her. Yao does have a bit of bad feeling on this and she hopes that Chinese press can cover more on the foreign players. She feels that it will give people more knowledge on badminton issues around the world.

Lin-Dan-Bezwinger war müde
Bao Chunlai couldn’t maintain his form from the previous game and lost to his teammates Chen Hong in the finals. Chen played quite aggressively from the start and took first set by 21:17. Bao seemed to be quite tired. Chen also took a lead in the second set throughout but Bao at one stage getting very close. That didn’t affect Chen as he kept his head cool and won the set and the game by 21:19. Bao looked a bit upset during the prize presentation ceremony as he lost in the final once again and left the stadium straightaway after that.

Zhang Ning (re) gratuliert der Verliererin Yao Jie zum Erreichen des Endspiels.
Weltmeisterbezwinger Bao Chunlai steckte...
beim Endspiel gegen...
Chen Hong sichtlich...
noch das Match...
gegen Lin Dan in den Knochen.

Bao Chunlai holte im zweiten Satz 9:17-Rückstand gegen Lin Dan auf
Bao Chun Lai has finally finished his winning drought over Lin Dan. He hasn’t beaten Lin since 2001. Lin Dan took the initiative during the first set, sending out some hardly struck smashes which left Bao with no clue. In the second set, Bao focused more on net play and increased the tempo. His intelligent net play had brought him many easy points. The 23-year-old Bao demonstrated his strong mind when he was one set down and lagged behind 9-17 in the second. Yet, he didn't give up and caught up six points in a row en route to levelling the sets 21-19. He won the second set, eventually the third one and the game as Lin started to lose his focus and made a lot of unnecessary errors.
Bao said he enjoyed the net play today very much in an interview after the game. One of his comments of the rivalry between he and Lin is that both players are of the same level, therefore who plays better on that day will win the game. He also told us he’s enjoying his good form and looking forward to winning this competition.
Yao Jie hat die japanische Hürde genommen, doch jetzt kommt schon wieder eine chinesische
Yao Jie has gone through to the finals after beating the Japanese player and she will be facing China’s Zhang Ning in the finals. It’s very likely to be a difficult game for Yao as she has just come back from injury. All the spectators will be supporting Zheng too and that’s going to give Yao a lot of pressure. Yao is now playing for Netherlands and she has expressed that it’s very tough to play in a tournament in China. She thinks that China has too many players playing in the same competition when comparing to just one or two players from each of the European countries. There are too many hurdles to jump to enter the final stages. There’s only one chance for Netherlands to win the tournament but there may be ten or twenty for China. She is satisfied with her own performance for entering the finals and will try her very best to get the champion trophy.

Yao Jie sprach nach dem Match mit den badminton.de-Reportern Louis Chan (Mitte) and Kenneth Ting.
Kaori Mori stoppte Himmelsstürmerin Wang Yihan.

Die Viertelfinals:


Überraschungen im Dameneinzel: Yao Jie und Kaori Mori trotz stärkster Konkurrenz im Halbfinale
Louis Chan and Kenneth Ting  from Guanzhou
Yao Jie beat Chinese player Lu Lan by 23:21 21:19 in a tight game, playing in a stadium with full of Chinese supporters. There seemed a bit of struggle for both players during the game as the wind changed quite frequently in the whole match. Both players chose to leave shuttlecocks when they shouldn’t do, losing unnecessary points. At one point, Yao made the wrong call three in a row and gave Lu a lead. Yao won the game eventually by experience and all round playing skills. She was exhausted after the game. She claimed that she’s injured after the competition in Madrid and was staying in China for recovery for a long time. That’s why she is not in her top form. She thought entering the semi-finals is better than what she expected. For the coming match, she thinks that she can win as she’s much taller than the opponent and will give her the benefit of a higher hitting point. She said she will give it the best go and looking forward to meeting Wang Chen in finals.


Andrew Smith plötzlich unter den Großen
Lin Dan (CHN) - CHAN Yan Kit (HKG) 21:18 21:17
BAO Chun Lai (CHN) - CHEN Yu (CHN) 21:13 22:20
CHEN Hong (CHN) - Andrew Smith (ENG) 21:17 21:15
CHEN Jin (CHN) -Taufik Hidayat (INA) 21:13 12:21 21:18
Unbekannte Wang Yi Han schlug im Achtelfinale Weltmeisterin Xingfang
ZHANG Ning (CHN) - WONG Mew Choo (MAS) 21:17 21:7
WANG Chen (HKG) - ZHU Lin (CHN) o.K. 
YAO Jie (NED) - LU Lan (CHN) 23:21 21:19
Kaori Mori (JPN) - WANG Yihan (CHN) 21:13 21:14
Auch für Weltmeisterinnen gibt es in China kein Ausruhen. Die Asienmeisterin U 19 Wang Yihan kämpfte Xie Xingfang mit 14:21 21:19 21:15 nieder.
Ex-Weltmeister Xia Xuanze nun zum Doppelspieler transformiert
CAI Yun & FU Hai Feng (CHN) - ZHANG Wei & SUN Jun Jie (CHN) 21:17 9:21 21:18
Luluk Hadiyanto & Alvent Yulianto (INA) - Keishi Kawaguchi & Naoki Kawamae (JPN) 18:21 21:14 21: 13 
Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (INA) - XU Chen & XIA Xuanze (CHN) 21:18 21:13
Xu & Xia schlugen im Achtelfinale Malaysias Top-Doppel KOO Kien Keat & CHAN Chong Ming 11:21 22:20 22:20. Da er im Einzel chancenlos ist, will sich Xia nun im Doppel für Olympia qualifizieren. 
Jens Eriksen & Martin Lundgaard (DEN) - GAN Teik Chai & ABDUL LATIF Mohd Zakry (MAS) 21:18 21:10
Erneut zwei japanische Doppel dabei
YANG Wei & ZHANG Jiewen (CHN) - WANG Xiao Li & MA Jin (CHN) 21:13 21:14
CHIEN Yu Chin & CHENG Wen Hsing (TPE) - WONG Pei Tty & CHIN Eei Hui (MAS) 17:21 21:? 21:15
ZHANG Dan & ZHAO Ting Ting (CHN) - Seiko Yamada & Shizuka Matsuo (JPN) 21:17 21:13
ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili (CHN) - Kumiko Ogura & Reiko Shiota (JPN) 21:10 21:14
Studentenweltmeister He Hanbin ein Weltklassemann
ZHANG Jun & GAO Ling (CHN) - TSAI Chia Hsin & CHENG Wen Hsing (TPE) 21:7 21:11
XU Chen & ZHAO Tingting (CHN) - HSIEH Yu Shing & CHIEN Yu Chin (TPE) 21.17 21:12
HE Han Bin & YU Yang (CHN) - Robert Blair & Jenny Wallwork (ENG) 21:16 21:16
XIE Zhongbo & ZHANG Yawen (CHN) - Sudket Prapakamol & Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA) 21:12 21:9.

Deutsche sind in Guangzhou nicht am Start.


Mitteilung des Organisationskomitees
Ab Viertelfinale TV-Übertragung bei CCTV, GDTV and IEC
China Open badminton Championships is the top and most effect single completion of IBF 6 Star World Grand Prix, the total prize is up to $250,000. The event attracts more than 200 athletes including the world top athletes every year. China Open 2006 will be held in Tianhe Gymnasium Guangzhou, China from 17th Oct to 22nd Oct 2006.
China Badminton Association applied for hosting China Open successfully in the year 1986. Now China Open stepped into the 20th years. In 2002, the first time, Guangzhou hosted the event with great success. China Open which will be held once a year locates in Guangzhou.
IBF, regarding departments of Government of China and the local government take the event seriously and there is a welcoming banquet before the games start. China Open attracts lots of audience from everywhere of the world.
1/4 finals, semi finals and finals of China Open will be on live broadcasted by CCTV, GDTV and IEC. Broadcasting covered the area around China, South-east Asia and deferent parts of the world.

Ausstatter der Nationalmannschaften des DBV
Für Chen Hong (re) war es der erste Grand-Prix-Sieg in diesem Jahr.
Honoratioren vor Dameneinzel-Siegerinnen. Links die ehemalige Doppel-Weltmeisterin Guan Weizhen.
Tianhe Gymnasium in Guangzhou: Haupteingang...
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