YONEX-SUNRISE Asian Badminton Championships 2007


Vom 10. bis 15. April in Johor Bahru (im südlichen Bundesstaat Johor, Malaysia), Stadium Bandaraya Johor Bahru.

Preisgeld: 125 000 US$. BWF-Level 3 (Gold-Turnier).
Ausrichter: Badminton Association of Malaysia und Johor Badminton Association.
Zur Invitation. Zeitdifferenz: MAS ist im Sommer 6 Stunden voraus (16 Uhr Ortszeit sind 10 Uhr bei uns).

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Trotz fehlender Superstars - drei Titel gingen nach China 


Taufik holte sich das Einzel


HF: Taufik Hidayat (INA *5/8) - Sridhar Anup (IND *9/16) 21:19 21:14
Chen Hong (CHN *2) - Yeoh Kay Bin (MAS *9/16) 21:14 17:21 21:17
Fin.: Taufik Hidayat (INA) - Chen Hong (CHN) 21:18 21:19
HF: Jiang Yanjiao (CHN *3/4) - Wang Chen (HKG *1) 21:13 21:17
Lu Lan (CHN *2) - Wong Mew Choo (MAS *5/8) 21:17 21:18
Fin.: JiangYanjiao (CHN) - Lu Lan (CHN) 25:23 23:21
HF: Lee Wan Wah & Choong Tan Fook (MAS *1) - Abdul Latif Mohd.Zakry & Mohd.Tazari Mohd.Fair (MAS) 11:21 21:13 21:15
Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong (MAS *2) - Tsai Chia Hsin & Hui Chung Hsien (TPE) 18:21 21:16 21:10
Fin.: Lee Wan Wah & Choong Tan Fook (MAS) - Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong 21:14 11:21 21:12
HF: Cheng Shu & Zhao Yunlei (CHN) - Aroonkesorn Duang Anon & Voravichitchaikul Kuncha (THA) 21:14 21:6
Yang Wei & Zhao Tingting (CHN) - Ogura Kumiko & Shiota Reiko (JPN) 21:15 21:9
Fin.: Yang Wei & Zhao Tingting (CHN) - Cheng Shu & Zhao Yunlei (CHN) 21:10 21:11
Xu Chen & Zhao Tingting (CHN *5/8) - Mohd Tazari Mohd.Fair & Wong Pei Tty (MAS) 21:19 23:21
He Hanbin & Yu Yang (CHN) - Fitriawan Devin Lahard & Nurlita Lita (INA) 21:16 21:12
Fin.: He Hanbin & Yu Yang (CHN) - Xu Chen & Zhao Tingting (CHN) 22:20 21:15.

Seit ihrer großartigen Siegesserie mit drei Super-Series-Titeln...
sind Koo Kien Keat und Tan Boon Heong in Malaysia Volkshelden.

Face-saving gold for Malaysias Men's doubles
A resume by Edwin Leung (Hongkong)
The aim of my going to attend the Asian Badminton Championships was threefold.
First, Being a Hongkongee myself together with all the Hongkong badminton fans, it would be most interesting to see if our own Wang Chen and Yip Pui Yin could extend their winning streaks of their 1 gold, l silver in the Doha Asian Games in Dec last year, would Wang Chen be crowned Queen for the 4th time (Wang won the title in year 2003, 2005 and 2006) and Yip again just a mere step behind her Big Sister ?
Second, the story of Chen Hong undoubtedly added an extra "Umph" to this tournament. Chen was the first ex-national badminton player of China to be allowed a free hand to take part in an International Badminton Tournament as an individual
citizen and to keep all the prize money he might win. So, could this incentive help Chen to perhaps come up with some "miracles" in his performances.
Third, the Malaysian Mens Double pair - Golden Boys, Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong, could they also snatch the Crown this time to make it 5 firsts in a row ever since the forming of their partnership since December last year.
The Asian Badminton Championships were held on 10th April to 15th April at Johor Bahru, a border town with Singapore, separated by a river, in South Malaysia. My flight from Singapore Airport only took one and a half hours to get there, most speedily and conveniently.
Before I left Hong Kong for the said tournament, I had already telephoned Koo Kien Keat my congratulations on their success in the recent All England and Swiss Open, also, cheekily I must add, asked for an invite to a typical Malaysian Meal. Koo came to pick me up in his BMW soon after I arrived, and, treated me to the world-famous Malaysia’s sumptuous food - Bah Kut The (Spare rib Herbal soup).
Eight security guards for Koo & Tan
Ever since their phenomenal consecutive successes, Koo and Tan were immensely famous in Malaysia, recognized and greeted with fervor by the crowd everywhere they went, so much so that the organizers of the tournament provided eight security guards to shield them from the maddening crowd when they arrived and left the stadium (see picture of fans clambering for their autographs).
As for their performance in the tournament, unfortunately ever since their last success in the All Engalnd and Swiss Open Super Series, there were too many celebrations, public engagements and all the usual backlashes which went with all successes, these things undoubtedly affected their play to the extent that they lost the finals to their Big Brothers Choong Tan Fook and Lee Wan Wah. The inevitable price for success!
In the other Mens Doubles events, I must say that the two Chinese Taipei
Pairs had done quite well. During the quarter-final Lee Sheng Mu & Fang Chieh Min lost to the Champion Choong & Lee in close 3 sets 19-21 , 21-16 , 21-14. In the semi-final Tsai Chia Hsin & Hu Chung Hsien lost to Koo & Tan in 3 set 18-21 , 21-16 , 21-10. Also, I met the head coach of the Chi-Taipei team, Mr Luan Jin (hero of the 1982 first Chinese All England Champion), still looking fit and well.
Mens Singles 
Another word about Chen Hong. Since he left China's National Team a couple of months ago, he continued his training regime and generally keeping himself fit back in his home town Fujian province. Easy wins for him in the first two rounds, also winning but rather hectically the 3rd round against Indonesian’s Simon Santoso. Quarter-finals against Japan’s Nakanishi Yousuke, semi-finals against Malaysian Yeoh Kay Bin, all in 3 sets and coming back from behind - his experience eventually paid off. So, when he at last met up with wonderboy Taufik Hidayat in the finals, it was very apparent that Chen showed signs of tiredness, lost the first set 18-21 and although he led in the 2nd, he finally succumbed at 19-21. This narrow- margined-loss showed that Chen still had something to give.
Chen Hong informed me, that he would take part in next month Singapore Open and the Indonesia Open Super Series to obtain sufficient points for a place in the 2008 Olympics. We wish him well.
Ladies Singles 
The fairy tale ended for Hong Kong’s Wang Chen (semi-finals lost to China’s Jiang Yanjiao) and Yip Pui Yee (quarter-finals lost to China’s Lu Lan).
Ladies Doubles
The eventual winners of the tournament Yang Wei & Zhao Tingting had met with no oppositions thus fulfilling their sole aim of accumulating more Olympic Game Points for this new partnership. Yang was the 2004 Olympic Champion partner with Zhang Jiewen

















Chinese-Taipei, Hongkong, Indien, Japan, Thailand



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Das Herrendoppel war eine rein-malaysische Angelegenheit
Lee Wan Wah & Choong Tan Fook (MAS) - Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong 21:14 11:21 21:12

Im Herrenfinale standen sich zwei Superstars gegenüber
Taufik Hidayat (INA) - Chen Hong (CHN) 21:18 21:19

Chen Hongs erster Auftritt nach seinem Rücktritt aus Chinas Nationalmannschaft
Chen Hong  (CHN) - Shon Wan Ho (KOR) 21:11 21:13.
Vgl. dazu Cheng Hong hat geheiratet und startet jetzt neue Profi-Karriere.

Fotos aus Johor Bahru von EDWIN LEUNG
Herreneinzel: Taufik Hidayat (re) vor Chen Hong.
Dameneinzel: JiangYanjiao (re) knapp vor Lu Lan.
Choong Tan Fook (li) und Lee Wan Wah mit badminton.de-Fotograf Edwin Leung.
Damendoppel: (v.r.) Zhao Tingting, Yang Wei, Zhao Yunlei, Cheng Shu.
Mixed: (v.r.) He Hanbin & Yu Yang, Zhao Tingting, Xu Chen.
Stadium Bandaraya bei Nacht.
...und bei Tag.
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