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Zur Titelseite Lehre und Ausbildung.

Trainerstelle in Vorarlberg zu besetzen

Mitarbeit bei der Umsetzung des österreichischen Leistungssportkonzepts 2008-2012

(27.5.09) Der Österreichische Badminton-Verband hat in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Vorarlberger Badminton Verband eine Stelle als leitender Landestrainer zu besetzen. Geboten wird eine Vollzeitanstellung beim Sportservice Vorarlberg in einer ersten Stufe bis 2012. Anstellungsbeginn soll der 1. Juli 2009 sein. Einsatzzentrum ist Dornbirn. Gefordert sind unter anderem

- solide Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen auf sportwissenschaftlichem Gebiet,
höchste badmintonspezifische Trainerausbildung des Heimatlandes,
mehrjährige Trainertätigkeit und Nachweis entsprechender Erfolge,
Erfahrung in der Trainerarbeit mit Jugendlichen,
- aktuelle Kenntnisse auf dem Gebiet des internationalen Badmintons.

Ansprechpartnerin ist ÖBV-Sportkoordinatorin Rena Eckart.
(1.7.09) Da die Stelle noch nicht besetzt werden könnte, wurde sie in einer etwas veränderten Fassung noch einmal neu ausgeschrieben. Arbeitsaufnahme soll zum 1. September 2009 sein oder auch später. 
Hier gibt es die Ausschreibung in der Fassung vom 1.7.2009.

Niederländischer Verband sucht Assistent National Coach
(11.10.07) Der Nederlandse Badminton Bond sucht einen Assistenztrainer für seine Nationalmannschaft. Als
Standort ist das Nationaal Sport Centrum Papendal bei Arnheim vorgesehen. Es handelt sich um eine Vollzeitstelle mit 38 Arbeitsstunden pro Woche. Einstellungstermin soll der 1. Januar 2008 sein. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 31. Oktober 2007. Ansprechpartner ist der Technische Direktor und Nationalcoach Martijn van Dooremalen.
Hier gibt es die Stellenausschreibung bei Badminton Europe, hier bei

Zeitcoach in Polen?
(30.9.07) Der Polnishe Badminton-Verband hat eine Tätigkeit als "National Coach" ausgeschrieben. Offenbar handelt es sich um zeitweise Arbeit mit den Nationalspielern.
Bei Badminton Europe gibt es Näheres.

Der Badminton-Verband der Slovakei sucht Teilzeittrainer
(15.9.06) Der Slovenský zväz bedmintonu mit Sitz in Bratislava hat eine Trainerstelle ausgeschrieben. Gesucht wird allerdings kein Vollzeit-Coach, sondern jemand, der für strukturelle Arbeiten und gelegentliche Trainingsmaßnahmen zur Verfügung steht. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 30. September 2006. Hier die Ausschreibung:

Slovak Badminton Federation is inviting applications for an travelling coach

The main objective is offer players to high-level training, experience and badminton knowledge, which they will then use to benefit their training process. The project should cover the insufficiency of the Slovak Badminton Federation in the field of training processes, especially in singles disciplines.  There is a high need to bring new ideas, new items, structure, planning and new exercises into the training processes. It is hard to find new and modern exercises for us, that is the reason why SBF has decided to bring the new qualities and new trends into the Elite and Junior category by appointing a travelling coach, who will prepare and work with new approach in the modern spirit and using the new techniques. The Slovak coaches can further develop the new ideas during the training process. It is important to include club/player´s coaches as assistants.

General goal: increasing especially the level of singles, preparation for the tournaments, possible participation at international tournaments and main goal is preparation and possible qualification of players for the participation in Olympic Games – Beijing 2008.
Minor steps in general:
• Building structure
• Training processes (exercises)
• Training camps
• Tournament selections, planning

Task Description
- Itinerant coach working with Slovakian Elite players and best and most talented Junior players
- 4 visits of length of 2 weeks in period November 2006 – November 2007.
Candidate Profile
The candidate should be a coach with the following characteristics.
He or she must: 
- belong to a his/her National Federation
- has excellent organisational and communicative skils
- has knowledge of sport planning
- brings professionalism and seriousness
- be creative and cand build, effective teamwork
- hold the rank in past/present as official national coach recognised in his/her country of origin and/or by the respective International Federation
- be able to prove that he/she has practical experience as a coach at national/international level
- undertake to pass on his/her knowledge and work to continue developing badminton
- speaks English.
Costs Covered by SBF
Slovak Badminton Federation will cover the following costs:
- Board and lodging costs
- Transport costs – 1 return plane ticket in economy class, via the most direct route
- Health and accident insurance
- Salary per camp (negotiable).
Once the Training is Completed
- report on the training programme must be provided to Slovak Badminton Federation on terms agreed by the parties.
should be sent to Slovak Badminton Federation, E-mail: sekretar @ Fax: + 421 51 7734662
before 30th September.

Der Polnische Badminton-Verband sucht einen Nationalmannschaftstrainer
(15.9.06) Der Polnische Verband Polski Związek Badmintona hat die Stelle eines Nationaltrainers mit Standort Warschau ausgeschrieben. Das Gehalt beträgt 3000 Euro plus Wohnung. Ein Bewerbungsschluss ist in der Ausschreibung nicht angegeben:


The Polish Badminton Association wishes to acquire the services of a high-quality international badminton coach for Polish national team players, including Michal Łogosz, Przemysław Wacha, Robert Mateusiak, Nadia Kostiuczyk, Kamila Augustyn.

The ideal candidate shall comply with the following requirements:
• Higher education
• Top badminton coach class
• Extensive experience of working on a position of badminton coach with elite players
• Experience in coaching national squads
• Coaching assignments undertaken at an international level will be considered additional qualifications.
• Proven high coaching achievements
• Good command of English
• Readiness to travel with national team players
Expected scope of duties:
• Coaching National Team players for major competitions including Olympic Games in Beijing 2008
• Preparing long-term training plans and close co-operation with the Coach Unit of the Association
• Successfully achieving expected competition results on national and international tournaments with primary focus on Olympic Games in Beijing 2008
• Participating in Polish coaches development program
We offer:
• National Team Training Centre in Warsaw (capital city) as a working place
• Professional team of coaches, psychologist and physiotherapist
• 3000 Euro gross monthly salary plus accommodation
• Interesting work with a team of high-quality players
• Great chance for professional career development

Interested candidates shall provide their professional CV, the information on key coach achievements, outlined plan of work with our top players and any other relevant documents either via e-mail, fax or post.

Polish Badminton Association reserves a right to respond to selected applicants only.

Please send applications to the following address:
Heading: “National Team Coach”,
Polski Związek Badmintona, 1 Zieleniecka St, 03-727 Warszawa, Poland, Tel.: +48 22 616 2455; +48 22 6175881, Fax: +48 22 6175881, E-Mail: sekretariat @

Coach in Kroatien gesucht

(8.9.06) Drei Aufgaben werden in der Stellenbeschreibung für einen Trainer in Zagreb beschrieben:

Die Head Coach of Zagreb Badminton Association and the most developing club in Croatia (Medvegrad) + National Junior Team Coach
The job involves working with top class Croatian players between 15 and 20 years of age and it involves a reasonable deal  of travelling to tournaments around Europe. The group of players is not big ( around 16 players ) but involves few players who go to special schools for sportsmen or have sport scholarship which allows them to concentrate more on badminton, training almost professionally. There is, we believe, a great space for improvement and Croatia is one of the rising countries in middle class European badminton but with an ambition to have players to qualify to Olympic games and compete for medals on future European championships ( junior for now, senior in the future).

The coach is stationed in Zagreb, Croatian capitol and he has officially function of Zagreb selected team coach who acts as national junior coach. Working on national level comes with a prove from national association which goes to your CV. English is official language (players, coaches and officials are usually fluent)  but Croatian can be learned if the coach decides to stay longer.

All living expenses are paid + coach gets top level Croatian salary which is not top level comparing to western European countries. Life is easier, cheaper and in slower pace than in most EU countries. People are friendly, crime is minimal. Nature is beautiful. Food is very good and you can get a lot of home made, old fashioned products in every aspect of life. From my experience foreign people living in Croatia all enjoy the life.

Anybody who is really interested has to invest in plane ticket and come for a probation period ( 4-7 days) . All expenses during probation are paid and if the coach gets a contract plane ticket is refunded.

Small things are all negotiable but one is not. We want a person with a vision, somebody who wants to create something, not just to earn big money and get a nice recommendation in his/her CV although those things do happen in the process.
Contact: Sime Zekan, E-Mail: sime.zekan @

Ein Coach für die Inseln gesucht

(8.9.06) Der Badmintonverband der Färoe Inseln sucht einen Nationaltrainer:

National Coach of Faeroe Islands
Head of and responsible for the National Squad and talents development.

General training and contact with badminton clubs on the islands, and to manage the continuing development of badminton in BSF and in the country.
All arrangements with apartment, salary (quite high I think), etc. are taken care of – ready to move in 1. of sept or 1. of okt.
Faeroe Islands offer an exciting job for a badminton coach who wants to try his/her skills on full time basis, and in an organisation ready to take the next step towards international badminton.

The islands offer a tremendous and sometimes rough nature, but with friendly and relaxed people and culture.
Contact: Michael Gram, E-Mail: 
bsf @, +29 8260010

Norwegischer Badmintonverband sucht Nationaltrainer
(30.8.06) Der Norges Badminton Forbund sucht einen Nationaltrainer. Er soll die Gesamtverantwortung für das Spitzentraining aller Altersstufen haben. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 15. Oktober. Hier die Stellenausschreibung:

Norwegian Badminton Association NBF - National Coach

NBF, the national governing body for badminton in Norway, are seeking to appoint an enthusiastic and committed person as National Coach. The National Coach post will need to have a proven track record in sports development and be able to work with a diverse range of partners. NBF offers a 1 year fixed term contract (starting June/July/August 2007) with an option to extend for 4 years = Olympic period 2008-2012. The Job is based in Oslo, but involves lots of travelling, both domestic and internationally.

We are looking for a highly motivated individual with great track record of relevant experience, outstanding interpersonal skills, and the ability to communicate effectively, motivate and manage volunteers and with an up to date knowledge of badminton at international and national level.

The duties of the position include

 Responsibility for all aspects of training and coaching for elite athletes group based in Oslo (planning and implementing training sessions, daily on court coaching, competition programs in collaboration with the Top Sport Committee of NBF)
 Head Coach for the Senior- and Junior (U-19) national teams.
 Responsibility to develop the training structures and training development programs of NBF.
 Responsibility for the U17/U15 national teams/groups.
 Frequent travels for competitions in foreign countries may be foreseen.

Qualification and experience

The successful applicant will have:

 Official training accreditation or ability to achieve required accreditation
 Recent international experience in planning, organising, managing and implementing a comprehensive coaching and training program for youth and adult athletes at an international level.
 Excellent motivator skills.
 Effective communication verbally and written in Scandinavian or English. (In the latter case ready to learn basic Norwegian in order to improve communication).
 Able to define badminton goals and objectives.

Salary and conditions

Contractual details are to be agreed between the successful applicant and NBF.

If you are interested, please send, not later than October 15th, your application included full curriculum vitae to:

Norges Badminton Forbund, Serviceboks 1, Ullevål Stadion, Sognsveien 75, 0840 OSLO, NORWAY

Contact person: General Secretary NBF, Mr. Espen Larsen, Phone: + 47 21 02 97 60, Fax: + 47 21 02 97 61, E-mail: badminton @

EBU sucht zwei Assistenztrainer für Lehrgangsmaßnahme
(26.8.06) Für einen Lehrgang im slovakischen Presov, der im Rahmen des Entwicklungsprogramms EPOF 2012 (European Players Olympic Forum 2012) stattfindet, sucht die EBU noch zwei zusätzliche Trainer. Termin: 15. bis 21. Oktober 2006. Eine Ausweitung der Arbeit auf zwei Lehrgänge in 2007 ist möglich. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 6. September.

Hier gibt es die Einzelheiten.

In Neuseeland wird Trainerausbilder gesucht

(23.8.06) Wer Lust auf ein halbes Jahr Neuseeland hat - hier ist eine Möglichkeit. Badminton Southland, eine Regionalorganisation von Badminton New Zealand sucht einen "Director of Coach Education for Badminton Southland". Erster Einsatztermin ist März bis Oktober 2007. Bewerbungsschluss ist der 1. Oktober 2006.

Hier ist die Ausschreibung als pdf-Datei.

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