AVIVA Open Singapore


Super-Series-Turnier 5/07 - 200 000 US-Dollar Preisgeld - Level 2
Vom 1. bis 6. Mai in Singapore, Indoor Stadium. Referee: Dennis Li (HKG).

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Eine Sternstunde in seiner Karriere erlebte Boonsak Ponsana.
Zum zweitenmal stand Xu Huaiwen bei einem Super-Series-Turnier im Halbfinale: Doch Weltmeisterin Xie Xingfang war zu stark für unsere Deutsche Meisterin.

Mit Peter Gade schied der letzte Europäer im Halbfinale aus


Mit Boonsak Ponsana hatte das Herreneinzel einen Überraschungssieger


HF: Boonsak Ponsana (THA) - Ronald Susilo (SIN) 21:13 21:15
CHEN Yu (CHN) - Peter Gade (DEN) 21:15 23:25 21:17
Fin.: Boonsak Ponsana (THA) - CHEN Yu (CHN) 21:17 21:14 
HF: XIE Xingfang CHN) - XU Huaiwen (GER) 21:10 21:4
ZHANG Ning (CHN) - Eriko Hirose (JPN) 21:11 21:21
Fin.: ZHANG Ning (CHN) - XIE Xingfang (CHN) 21:18 19:21 21:3 
HF: FU Haifeng & CAI Yun (CHN) - Candra Wijaya & Tony Gunawan (INA/USA) 18:21 23:21 21:11
CHOONG Tan Fook CHOONG & LEE Wan Wah (MAS) - Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (INA) 21:18 21:13  
Fin.: FU Haifeng & CAI Yun (CHN) - CHOONG Tan Fook CHOONG & LEE Wan Wah (MAS) 16:21 24:22 21:18
HF: ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili CHN) - LEE Kyung Won & LEE Hyo Jung (KOR) 21:12 21:12
ZHAO Tingting & YANG Wei (CHN) - GAO Ling & ZHANG Jiewen (CHN) o.K.
Fin.: ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili CHN) - ZHAO Tingting & YANG Wei (CHN) 10:21 21:19 21:18
HF: Flandy Limpele & Vita Marissa (INA) - Nova Widianto & Lilyana Natsir (INA) 21:16 16:21 21:17  
Sudket Prapakamol & Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA) - XIE Zhongbo & ZHANG Yawen (CHN) 16:21 22:20 21:18
Fin.: Flandy Limpele & Vita Marissa (INA) - Sudket Prapakamol & Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA) 21:14 21:13.

Endspiel: Zhang Ning - Xie Xingfang 21:18 19:21 21:3

Belohnung für ihr superhartes Training: Auch sieggewohnte Chinesinnen können sich immer wieder riesig über einen Turniersieg freuen.

Thailändischer Jubel: Boonsak Ponsana feiert mit seinen Mannschaftskameraden den Sieg über Lin Dan.

Die Viertelfinalergebnisse:
Lin Dan wurde von Ponsana bezwungen
Boonsak Ponsana (THA) - LIN Dan (CHN) 21:17 7:21 23:21
Ronald Susilo (SIN) - Yen Hui Kendrick LEE (SIN) 21:13 16:22 21:10 
Peter Gade (DEN) - Kenneth Jonassen (DEN) 13:21 21:17 21:19
CHEN Yu (CHN) - WONG Choong Hann (MAS) 21:17 21:15
XIE Xingfang CHN) - Tine Rasmussen (DEN) 21:12 18:21 21:11
XU Huaiwen (GER) - CHENG Shao-Chieh (TPE) 19:21 22:20 21:18
Eriko Hirose (JPN) - WANG Chen (HKG) 21:17 12:21 21:14 
ZHANG Ning (CHN) - PI Hongyan (FRA) 21:11 21:14
FU Haifeng & CAI Yun (CHN) - JUNG Jae Sung & LEE Jae Jin (KOR) 21:12 23:21
Candra Wijaya & Tony Gunawan (INA/USA) - HWANG Ji Man & HAN Sang Hoon (KOR) 21:14 21:18
Markis Kido & Hendra Setiawan (INA) - Zakry ABDUL LATIF & Fairuzizuan MOHD TAZARI (MAS) 21:19 21:14
CHOONG Tan Fook CHOONG & LEE Wan Wah (MAS) - Hendra A. Gunawan & Joko Riyadi (INA) 21:19 21:12  
ZHANG Yawen & WEI Yili CHN) - Greysia Polii & Vita Marissa (INA) 21:7 27:25
LEE Kyung Won & LEE Hyo Jung (KOR) -JIANG Yanmei & LI Yujia (SIN) 21:11 21:11  
ZHAO Tingting & YANG Wei (CHN) - DU Jing & YU Yang (CHN) 21:18 21:12
GAO Ling & ZHANG Jiewen (CHN) - CHIEN Yu Chin & CHENG Wen-Hsing (TPE) 21:15 21:14
Nova Widianto & Lilyana Natsir (INA) - ZHENG Bo & GAO Ling (CHN 21:9 21:15
Flandy Limpele & Vita Marissa (INA) - ZHANG Jun (CHN) & ZHAO Tingting (CHN) 21:15 21:15 
Sudket Prapakamol & Saralee Thoungthongkam (THA) - HAN Sang Hoon & HWANG Yu Mi (KOR) 15:21 21:15 21:9
XIE Zhongbo & ZHANG Yawen (CHN) - Nathan Robertson & Gail Emms (ENG) 21:17 10:21 21:12.

Xu Huaiwen - Cheng Shao-Chieh 19:21 22:20 21:18

Den ersten Satz verlor Huaiwen noch nach 18:16-Führung. Im zweiten Satz holte sie einen Sieben-Punkte-Rückstand, den sie sich bei 7:14 eingehandelt hatte, auf. Sie lag dabei noch 14:18 zurück. Klasse! Auch im Dritten war sie zunächst im Nachteil. 9:12 egalisierte sie zum 12 beide. Dann ging es bis 18 beide hin und her, wobei die Taiwanesin immer vorn lag. Erstmals bei 19:18 ging unsere Deutsche Meisterin in Führung. Nochmal Klasse!

Ausgeschieden: Chen Jing gegen Kendrick Lee...
...und Olympiasieger Taufik Hidayat gegen Peter Gade.
Nach drin: Singapores Kendrick Lee...
...und Ronald Susilo, der Kuncoro bezwang.

Nach den Achtelfinals: Gastgeber noch gut dabei
Singapores Flagge weht noch kräftig in heimischer Brise
A report by Lenny Lim
(Do) Singapore's flag flew high at the Aviva Open Singapore in the Indoor stadium last night. First it was the women's doubles pair of Jiang Yanmei and Li Yujia who fought their way into the last eight to justify their 8th seeding in the US$200,000 championship.
Then came the double celebration; Unseeded Kendrick Lee stunned World No 3 China's Chen Jin with an impressive 16-21 21-16 23-21 win. This was followed by Ronald Susilo's straight set demolition of Indonesia's Sony Dwi Kuncoro in the men's singles. Ronald won 21-13 21-10.
Chen Jin is the tournament's No 3 seed. The two shuttlers had met three times and Kendrick had never beaten him before but the tide turned last night in Kendrick's favour.
"It was a satisfying victory but to be fair, Chen Jin was not his usual self," said Kendrick.
Ronald's victory assured Singapore of a berth in the semi-finals on Saturday as he will face off teammate, Kendrick Lee, in tomorrow's quarter finals after knocking out Indonesia's Sony Dwi Kuncoro 21-13 21-10.
"Kendrick may be my teammate but playing him is like playing any other opponent. Anything can happen", said Ronald who was a runner-up in the 2002 Singapore Open.
For now, the two Singaporeans are basking in the glory of their triumph over much fancied opponents. For Ronald, things were much, much easier against Sony, the conqueror of China's Chen Hong on Wednesday night in their first round match.
"I kept engaging him in long rallies because I know physically I am in better shape than him," said Ronald, the Republic's top shuttler.
Plant Wong Choong Han seine eigene Wiederauferstehung?
Malaysia's Wong Choong Hann also made his way through to the last eight to keep his Olympic dreams very much alive. He hardly put a foot wrong tonight in his clash against Japan's Shoji Sato in their second round match at the Indoor Stadium to carve out a 21-16 21-18 victory and will now play China's Chen Yu in the quarter-finals tomorrow night.
He lifted his game to the required heights to match his opponent's aggressive approach and a place in the last eight was his for the taking.
"I am feeling good about my performance and physical condition. It has been a long time since I made it to the last eight of a major tournament. The last time was in the 2003 Copenhagen Masters and the Chinese Taipei Open." Wong commented.
"But I don't know what tomorrow would be like, especially against Chen Yu of China. We have played each other a few times before and I have a good record against him. But as I said it's been a long time since I entered the last eight and I don't know what to expect." he added.
But heading for an early flight home is the Malaysian No 2 Muhd Hafiz Hashim. He lost to Thailand's ace shuttler Boonsak Polsana 14-21,13-21 last night in a performance which he must surely be disappointed with.
Im Kracher des Tages schlug Gade Asienmeister Hidayat
The tournament's top seed Lin Dan of China also cruised into the last eight with a 21-14 22-20 win over Indonesia's Simon Santoso and he will be joined by the defending champion Peter Gade of Denmark.
Gade outfought and outthought Indonesia's Taufik Hidayat 21-18, 21-12 to set up an all Danish quarter-final against Kenneth Jonassen.
"It's always nice when you can beat Taufik. He is such a complete player and to beat him means a lot of hard work is needed. But it was a close match. The scoreline did not say so but believe me it was tough," said Gade.

Es gilt, Chinas goldenes Paar zu schlagen
Eine Turniervorschau von Lenny Lim
(1.5.07) Lin Dan is the man to beat for the 2007 Aviva Singapore Open Super Series men's singles crown. Even as Peter Gade, the defending champion spoke about the top five men shuttlers who are good enough to conquer the world, China's Lin Dan remains the clear favourite. After all, he is the No 1 seed and also the undisputed world No 1 too. But the fact remains that he has never won in Singapore has added fuel to his burning desire to add the Aviva Singapore Open crown to his long list of achivements.

A vote of confidence from his peers gathered here for the US$200,000 Championship at the Indoor stadium has reinforced the belief that the Chinese No 1 is worthy of the men's singles crown.
Gade sieht fünf Spieler vorneweg
"We are in for some exciting times, especially in the men's singles. We have a group of the top five players who are a cut above the rest and capable of beating each other. There is Lin Dan and former Singapore Open Champion Chen Hong, from China. We have Taufik Hidayat from Indonesia and Malaysia's Lee Chong Wei and myself. We all could give one another a run for the money on our day. So it's quite competitive out there at each of the Super Series." commented Peter.

He added, "of course Lin Dan is the overwhelming favourite but what about Taufik? He is probably one of the most talented shuttlers around, his world ranking does not do him any justice. And he is not the only one, local favourite Ronald Susilo is another man to watch. He was number seven in the world before his injury and he won Lin Dan in straights sets in the 2004 Olympic Games. This shows his pedigree and plus the home crowd support, he is certainly another player to watch."

In the end, all the competition is good for badminton and good for badminton fans. They pay to watch us play and it is our duty to give them their moneys worth," concluded Gade, the defending champion here in Singapore.
By his own admisssion, Lin Dan feels that winning in Singapore would be tough, more so with the top five singles player present.

"For me winning the Singapore title is a big challenge. But I am ready to give my best," said Lin Dan.
Singapore schaut auf Lokalmatador Ronald Susilo
Singapore's main hope Ronald Susilo, the 2002 runner-up, faces a tricky opening round match, against Malaysia's Lee Tsuen Seng. The two met before in the finals of the New Zealand last year but it was the Malaysian who triumphed.

Ronald said, "I have been working very hard to get back in shape. It is good that the first Olympic qualifying event is held in my home country, I really want to go out and give my best and win in front of my home fans. However, Tsuen Seng is a good player who has defeated me before, so I have to be really careful."

Fans are able to catch other Singaporeans such as Li Li, Jiang Yanmei and Vanessa Neo from 9am onwards at the Indoor Stadium.

Team manager How Kim Too thinks he can. "Many are ready to write him off. But I see things differently. Singapore could be the start of a new beginning for Chong Wei. I can see the change of attitude in him. He knows what he wants and he is getting there," said How.
Damenfavoritin ist Lin Dan's sweetheart Xie Xingfang
Still all eyes will be on Lin Dan and the prospect of a final showdown with Taufik, the Indonesian ace come Sunday is a mouth watering prospect. For the women's category, all eyes will also be on Lin Dan's sweetheart, Xie Xingfang, the world no 1 woman player as she attempts to win the Singapore Open crown. Frankly she has no peers except her very own teamates, like Zhang Ning and Zhu Lin, the No 3 seed. Even defending champion Pi Hongyan, a French of Chinese origin, has admitted that to beat the Chinese would be tough. More so Xie Xingfang. She has an uphill task on her hands in her opening round, she faces Hong Kong's Zhou Mi, a former world no 1 and 2002 Singapore Open Champion.

Ausstatter der Nationalmannschaften des DBV
Aus ungewöhnlicher Perspektive: Siegerehrung im Dameneinzel.
Ganz oben auf dem Herreneinzelpodest....
...stand Thailands Boonsak Ponsana.
Beherrschten das Damendoppel: (v.l.) Wei Yili & Zhang Yawen und Zhao Tingting & Yang Wei.
Blick auf die Trophäen.
Indoor Stadium.
...an der Stadiumwand.
Der Qualifikationstag erzeugte offenkundig keine Hochgefühle beim deutschen Coach Jeroen van Dijk...
und den Spielerinnen Birgit Overzier (li) und Kathrin Piotrowski sowie Physio Andy Richter.
Deutsche Betreuer unterwegs: Andreas Richter (li) und Videoanalysist Dr. Hanno Felder.

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