Bingo Bonanza Philippine Open 2007


BWF-GP-Tournament No. 4/07 - Level 3A   
120 000 US-Dollar Prize money - Grand Prix Gold
July 18th to 22nd in Manila, Philsports Multi-Purpose Arena Pasig City (ULTRA) . 


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The Philsports Multi-Purpose Arena

It's bull shit, when I arrive the Manila airport on friday sharp 6:30 pm, step out the immgration at 6:50 pm, the information counter told me it should take 30 minutes to the stadium. Then I took a taxi, the driver seems don't know the way, and the traffice jam is so terrible, I arrived the stadium at 8:45 pm! Most of the matches finished. Only 3 matches of MD.

Zhou Mi after winning Ladies' Singles

Atmosphere at the day of finals

Prize ceremony with Fidel V. Ramos, former president of the Republic of the Philippines

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