Proton Malaysia Open 2008


Super Series-Tournament No. 1/08  200 000 Dollar Prize money - Level 2

January 15th bis 20th in Kuala Lumpur, Putra stadium, National sports Complex, Bukit Jalil.

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Results/Ergebnisse and more...

LS final: Tine Rasmussen got injury in the 3rd set

A critical moment in the 3rd set. During 15-12 Tine hurt her ankle, when she rushed to the front court. After she rested for medicine treatment, she started to continue the match. Last pic was exclusive taken after her press conference with the reporters after the final.
Tine Rasmussen (DEN) - ZHU Lin (CHN) 18:21 21:19 21:18 

Korean Coach Li Mao working with Lee Hyun-Il during the MS-finals

Have a look: A pain-killer from german physiotherapist Rudi Allgeier.

Pics with pain

To readers,
You must be puzzled why suddenly I missed those pics and stories after sending the qualify and 1st round pics of few german players but not yet completed.............And also a missing of some golden memories of the up and down of some seeded players during the QF and semi-finals.
Let me tell you the true.
Before I came to Malaysia Open, I called to Martin Knupp, my good old friend who I have first know each other during 1989 World Championship and 1st Sudriman Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia, that I wish to give some great emotion angle and sweet  memories to all those German players and officals who have participate in the 2008 Malaysia Open. So as to give them some good meaningful starting and well play hope of the new year 2008, and of cos to celebrate my coming 20 years service with the German i.e. year 1989 to year 2008.
I remembered last year the World Championship also held in the same stadium, the Putra Stadium, I climbed 6th floor upstair to shot from the ceiling, shooting under a very hot temperate and walking very slowly on the walkaway on the roof, also need highly concentrated to avoid anything dropping down to hurt the players. So this time the tournament also held in the same Putra Stadium, it is another good and rare chance that I could shot all the players to give them a wonderful shots. Hence I decide to arrive Malaysia Open again!
But on the 1st day when I arrived (qualify round), I feel very painful in the quad muscle of both leg, I realized it should be the muscle injury caused during my photogrpahy assignment last week in Hong Kong and Bangkok, the pain probhited me for free movement onto the court. But still I could tried hardly to take some pics for the german players. This indicent arised my hard memory of last year Singapore Super Series where I got a lower stomach and quad muscle injury in the early rounds during a over-extend angle shooting for the match Zhou Mi against Pi Hongyan. The pain lasted till the final and nothing could help and everyone show their sympathy onto me!
On the 2nd day the 1st round, I approached the Germn Psy after the winning match of Michael Fuchs and Roman Spitko against the USA, to ask for some pain-killer tablets, I still remembered Roman joked with me - "Hye, Edwin, you must do some weight training onto your quad muscle ! "  The tablets worked, my injury has getting better and i could walked faster on the next day.
But another problem arrived, on the 3rd day, I suffered some another more serious pain appeared on the ball of my foot, I sufferd from "guot" a problem that caused from eating too much seafood; intestine and nuts. It caused swelling on my foot-fingers, the pain was so serious that i could hardly walk. Everyone asked me the same question re my painful look! Later on the evening Mr Chooi Weng Sheng, the media officer of BAM, took me to the tournament doctor, I was then given a injection and some medicine to kill off the pain. It worked well! The pain has been slower down and I could walk faster to hold up my camera! Thanks to Weng Sheng and the doctor.
But as I promised to myself, to shot some great memories of the Germans, I still tried my best to create the memories! I remembered during the 2nd and 3rd days when the Germans played, I climbed 3 times in a day up and down to the roof, walking with endless pain, to finish the pics series! I am now starting to release here the Germans in the 1st round to share with you all, so please treasued these lovely memories, and if possible, I would like to hear your comments in my blog. ,

I will sure to forward others remaining Germans playing in the 2nd round after I return Hong Kong. Then during these few days, I still under the weather but can walk around quicker to shot pics. I have to take more rest and hence I could send only limited pics. Now I arrive Bangkok and will return Hong Kong tomorrow, when I return home I will sure to send you some more emotional pics.
Edwin Leung, written in Bangkok, 21st January 2008.


Shots from the Ceiling

I climbed - with pain in my legs - under the roof of Putra stadium to get these extraordinary shots. Germanys Hop & Kindervater are playing.

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