SCG Thailand Open 2008


BWF-GP-Turnier 3/08 - Level 3A
120 000 US-Dollar Preisgeld - Grand Prix Gold
24. bis 29. Juni 2008 in Bangkok, Nimibut National Stadium, Rama I Road, Pathumwan.

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Results/Ergebnisse and more...


Nimibut National Stadium: day and night

Chief officers and referees

Right 1 - Surasak Songvorakulphan (Hon. Secretary General of Thai BA), Right 2- Ms. Nahathai Somprachum (Deputy referee THA), Middle - Ms. Jane Wheatley (Referee AUT), Left 2 - Mohan Daran (Deputy Referee SIN), Left - Ms. Rungnapa Pintuwat (Office Manager of Thai BA).
Linesmen briefing.

MS last 16: Marc Zwiebler (GER) - Hu Yun (HKG) 16:21 22:20 22:20

Marc Zwiebler was down 18:20 in the second set after losing the first. I spoke to the hong kong player Hu Yun. He is at present age 27, (Mark 23). And realised that he was a former China National team Division I player (that's the best players Lin Dan group). Two years ago he moved to Hong Kong and continue his training in Hong Kong. When he was in the china team, he has played several international GP tournaments i.e. Singapore Open. But no good achievement. This is his first time play for hong kong after two years. Mark was so pleased to know that information I ask for him to Hu.
The following pics No 7 to 9 shows how Marc superb survives a smash.

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