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Congratulations to Zhou Mi winner of Korea Open 2008

Congratulationssss to Miss Zhou Mi, her coaches and the HK Sports Institute. She has won her first major title for Hong Kong by capturing the Korea Open Ladies Singles title. The Korea Open has the highest prize money (totalling US$ 300,000) of all the Super Series.
Zhou Mi reached a new milestone in her badminton career when she moved to Hong Kong. I remember the 1st January 2007 when she started her first practice in the Hong Kong Sports Institutes' new training venue at the Ma On Shan Sports Complex. That day was also the first for the Hong Kong team to train in the new venue, following the take over of their original training centre for the 2008 Olympic Games Equestrian competition. (See that two memory pics.)
And so, after one year and 26 days (totalling 391 days), her many fans have heard of her best achievements. Congratualtions once again to all at the Hong Kong Sports Instittute for their efforts.
It was a pity due to a previous engagement, I was unable to attend the Korea Open. However I still managed to work together with Martin Knupp, a badminton people; journalist and a poet of great renown from Germany, and, a great old friend of mine, to complete a report of the tournament, see the pics of the 5 champions.
Good chance for Hongkong Uber Cup team
So now we must look forward to the Hong Kong Teams' achievements in the forthcoming most prestigious team events - the Thomas and Uber Cup Finals, to be held in May this year in Jakarta, Indonesia. In the recent past the HK ladies captured a bronze medal in the Uber Cup, year 2002, held in Guangzhou.In the year 2006 in Tokyo, Japan, they lost 2-3 to Germany in the quarter finals. (Germany achieved their historical 1st bronze medal).
How about the result this year? It seems that HK now has quite a strong ladies singles team - the lovely "evergreen" Wang Chen; the flying tigeress Yip Pui Yin; and now the sweet and always smiling Zhou Mi... - of course we must not forget the contribution of the Ladies Doubles Legend, the "powerful" Louisa Koon Wai-Chee and her "pretty" partner the up and coming former Canadian based Chau Hoi-wah. Arrr - Happy Days are coming? Let us hope so. Be patient fans, we must wait and see what is to come.
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A split - Germanys Kristof Hopp at Malaysia Open 2008

Universiade 2007 - A Professor is reaching the Heights

This emotion picture is one of the proudest in my life of taking badminton-group photo - difficult to organize and interested to know who's who...
I called it: "Reaching the Heights"
It was taken at the World University Games in Bangkok in July 2007 after Thailand beat China 3 - 2 in the team final. Every player and Thai badminton won a considerable amount of money as  reward from the Thai government.
Professor Charoen Wattanasin, President of Thailand BA, jumping and reaching the Heights to celebrated his country most successful achievement
beating China 3-2 in the team event and captured the Team Championship.
Professor Chareon is one of the great badminton legends. In 1960 and 1962 he achieved the silver medal in the most prestigious All England Championships. After over 45 years he still shows great fitness in jumping so high.

Jumping professor: In front is Professor Charoen Wattanasin, President of Thailand Badminton Association.
I took prints of the pic to the SEA Games 2007 in Thailand - several Thai linesmen were so happy, to find out where they stand.

A toss - Chengdu 2007

The tumbling coin.
It's her choice.

My first camerashot downwards from the ceiling - Kuala Lumpur 2007

To take this photos during World Championships in Kuala Lumpur 2007 I climbed up to to ceiling of the stadium. It was the 1st time in my life. Very exciting, I was sweat through. One never-forgettable experience. I was so brave enough to follow my friend Vincent to climb upstairs to the roof  3 times to shoot pics from the ceiling downwards onto the badminton court, holding the heavy lens and camera pointing vertically downwards was so nervous and kept sweating ! It was so excited that I could hardly walked faster but instead walk like a tortue! This was my 1st time shooting pics at that dangerous angle holding a heavy 300mm long lens at And during shooting I need to prevent dopping anything on the head of the player! Otherwise you will be killed or the player suffered serious injury! I have applied plastic tape onto my glasses, put off anything that could easily dropping down.....really excited...........Thanks for my good friend Vincent Thian from Associated Press who take care of me in my 1st trial!

Her Royal Highness Princess Sirivannavari promotes Thailand Open 2007

At Thailand Open 2007, I noticed that during the last 2 days they hang a big banner outside the stadium with the ...
...pic of the Badminton playing Thai princess, who is member of the national team.

The Broken Uber Cup - Tokyo 2006

In Tokyo 2006 I dicovered, that the lady on the top of the cup lost her racket.

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