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Badmintonpeople from all over the world


Edition 2004 and 2005

Welcome Dinner Sudirman Cup 2005 in Beijing

With new elected IBF-President Dr. Kang Young Joong (m) and Deputy-President Punch Gunalan.
Chris Yang and Guan Weizhen from IBF-Trainingscentre in Guangzhou, Tong Wai Lun und Roger Johansson, IBF-Council-Members (f.l.).

World Championships 2005 in Anaheim (USA)

...with Tony Gunawan, Louis Chan and Candra Wijaya (f.l.).

Asian Badminton Championships 2004 in Kuala Lumpur

...with Hongkongs Wang Chen, runner-up to Jun Jae Youn from Korea in Ladies' singles. Right: HK Lady-Teamcoach Tim He Yat-ming.

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