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Talk to Taufik Hidayat at SEA Games 2007


Team event day 2 - Semi-final match Thailand - Indonesia 1:3:
1st single: Boonsak Ponsana - Taufik Hidayat 21:16 14:21 23:21


Red card to Taufik - yes and no?


(15.12.07) During the match of Indo against Thailand, although many comments that the overall standard of Indonesia seems stronger in the 1st and 2nd double; 2nd and 3rd single, the only tough match will be the 1st single Taufik against the superboy Boonsak.

Boonsak has a good start on the 1st set against a rather slow starter Taufik with 21-16,
In the 2nd set Taufik fight back to win at 21-14, in the rubber set it was very excited that attracted all eyes, there were two objection by Taufik re the misjudgments of the linesmen. The game went on with long rallies at every point. The exciting atmosphere reached it climax at the point of 15-16, when Boonsak survived a forehand close net shot from Taufik, he lobbed the shuttle up to Taufik overhead mid-court, and it seemed that the racket had touched the net, the rallies continued without being stopped. Taufik then smashed crosscourt and Boonsak dived to survive the shuttle. Rallies went on and Boonsak had to fight so hard to survive several difficult shots before getting that point and made it to 16 – 16 !
When everyone kept clapping their hands for their home hero, from the photo, it can be told that Taufik showed his anger and shouted out loudly, threw his racket onto the floor. Although the umpire then gave a yellow card warning to Taufik for his misconduct, he still couldn’t control himself and kicked the racket. His coach stood up for objection. Taufik still couldn’t control his temper and kept shouting, then a red card followed to make the point as 17-16. At that moment, the situation seemed arouse the coach and Taufik in hot pot.
The referee came out and tried to cool down both sides. Taufik came close to the umpire for several time to argue on whether he had seen the racket touching the net. Moreover, the referee asked Taufik to stand away for several time in order to let him to discuss with the umpire re the point and also the red card decision.

Finally the red card was withdrawn and the score needed to be amended to 16-16, yet the umpire still remained his decision that Bonnsak won that point.

We could then saw the IT-technician from Spain, approached the score board to adjust the point from 17-16 to 16-16.

The match continued with every long rallies, Boonsak finally won the match at 23-21.

The referee Sunny Chau from Hong Kong told me, he fully understood the point of touching the net aroused Taufik’s emotion. But after he discussed with the umpire from Vietnam, the answer was that he only saw the shuttle touched the net. He also told me during his discussion with the umpire Taufik has approached them several times to express his angry as there were also two line-misjundgement, “all I have to do is to request Taufik to clam down and let me discuss further with the umpire”.
I asked Taufik later on the 1st round of the individual game (when he also stopped twice for two misjundgements from the linesmen) about this incident, he told me that during that match before that incident, there were already two misjudgments from the linesmen and he had already lodged his complaint to the umpire. But the most serious was the net-touched by Boonsak, “I am sure everyone saw the net so obviously vibrated when Boonsak lifted the shuttle, I really can’t understand why the umpire can’t see that? But I have to continue to fight for that point, Boonsak played well to survive my cross court smash. But when he won the rally I really can’t control myself shouting as it was a major mistake of the umpire.”
I then asked him whether he has seen the yellow card warning. ‘No I can’t hear that nor the umpire havn’t give me a verbal warning beforehand to request me to stop shouting, all I have to do is to discuss with the coach, I don’t understand why it was so quickly that I was issued with a red card? The point of touching the net needed to be clarified first before giving me a red card.’

Asking re the feeling of Boonsak, ‘yes he is a nice player, I have no complaint against him, his behaviour was good. He played so hard to survive every difficult shots. I know him for years and we are good friends. He has a huge home crowd to support him, the match today really comprised of a lot of long exciting and hard-to-forget memories.’

On the next day during the discussion with some reporters on the reply of the umpire -  that he could only see the shuttle touching the net – we all agreed that it seems to be more direct and wise to answer like this – I couldn’t see the racket touching the net.
Photo information for readers:
It was a pity that during shooting I didn't used continous mode to capture the sequences of these shots, as you could read from the pics, the problem net-touch shot happened at 19:58 min 24.2 second, Boonsak go in front of the net to lift the shuttle, I took only two photos. So badminton.de-readers please use your imagination whether this shot really hit the net?
The rallies go on and finally Boonsak won the point by a drive to the baseline of Taufik. And the emotion moment came, as you could read while Boonsak celebrating, the opposite side Taufik shouted out so angry and threw the racket onto the floor and the racket, due to the tension of the strings, broken into few pieces!!

With the delegation of the winning Thailand team at Universiade 2007 in Bangkok

With Cheng Wen-Hsing (l) and Chien Yu-Chin after their victory in Chinese Taipei Gold-Grand-Prix 2007

At Philippine Open 2007 I met the former president of the Republic of the Philippines - President Fidel V. Ramos

Fidel Valdez Ramos (born 1928) was the 12th President of the Philippines, governed 1992 until 1998

Source: Wikipedia Fidel V. Ramos
At the time of his assumption into power 1992, Ramos was the oldest person to become president of the Philippines at the age of 64. He is also the first Protestant president of the country. The first few years of his administration (1992-1995) were characterized by economic boom, technological development, political stability and efficient delivery of basic needs to the people. During his time, he advocated party platforms as outline and agenda for governance. As in his case, he was the first Christian Democrat to be elected in the country, being the founder of Lakas-CMD (Christian Democratic Party). He was the one of the most influential leaders and the unofficial spokesman of Liberal Democracy in Asia.

Fidel Valdez Ramos (*1928) war ein philippinischer General, Politiker und Präsident der Philippinen 1992-98

Auszug aus Wikipedia Stichwort Fidel V. Ramos
1992 wurde Fidel Ramos in der ersten Mehrparteien-Präsidentschaftswahl in der Geschichte der Philippinen zum Präsidenten gewählt. Am 30. Juni 1992 wurde er als zwölfter Präsident der Republik der Philippinen vereidigt. Er war der erste und einzige evangelische Präsident des Landes.
Während seiner sechsjährigen Präsidentschaft bemühte sich Ramos die Spuren der zwanzigjährigen Diktatur von Marcos zu beseitigen. Dabei konnte er sich erfolgreich gegen eine Reihe von militärischen Staatsstreichen wehren. Zugleich setzte er sich für eine politische Stärkung der Bevölkerung ein, um somit wirtschaftliches Wachstum, soziale Gleichheit und nationale Solidarität zu erreichen. Ramos war der erste protestantische Präsident der überwiegend katholischen Philippinen.
Auch nach dem Ende seiner Präsidentschaft setzte sich Ramos zusammen mit seiner Ehefrau Amelita “Ming” Martinez für viele Projekte im Bereich des Umweltschutzes sowie der Entwicklung der Kultur und Kunst sowie der Zukunftssicherung ein.

At Philippine Open 2007 the Taipei Team had a celebration dinner...

...on the evening of the final - hosted by the local chinese businessman Wilbert Lee Chua (centre, in blue colour). I was invited by the Taipei coach.
Badmintonfriends will remember him: Luan Jin of China (left, next to me), who was the first chinese who won the mens' singles at All England in 1982.

Thanks to Zuo Chen (left) and Feng Pingshan from China Masters staff 2007...

.. who brought me back my lost mobile, found bei the referee Keith Hawthorne.

Germanys Kristof Hopp...

...is showing his upset mood pic from
...badminton.de-Thailand Open report 2007.

Germanys' longstanding Physiotherapist Andy Richter...

...used my camera
...during Thailand Open 2007

Malaysian Dinner with Malaysian Double-Stars

After I arrived for the Asian Championships 2007 in Johar Bahru (Malaysia) fresh All England Double-Champion Koo came to pick me up in his BMW and treated me to the world-famous Malaysia’s...
sumptuous food Bah Kut The (Spare rib Herbal soup). It was really enjoyable to have a welcome meal with the Malaysian Doublestars (from left) Tan Boon Heong, Hoon Tien How and Koo Kien Keat .

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