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Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing


From 9th to 17th August Beijing University of Technology Gymnasium

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Meeting of the Olympic Badminton Working Group in Chengdu July 2007

Responsible for the organization of the olympic Badminton tournament: (from left) Ms.Wang Hui (Finance Manager), Ms.Wang Yan (Competition Project Assistant), Mr. Wang Feng (Communication Manager), Mr. Ren Chunhui "Mr. Yum" (Administrative Deputy Venue Manager & Competition Manager), Mr. Edwin Leung (Photographer as a guest), Mr. Ren Wei (behind, Volunteer Manager), Mr. Lv Shimin (Deputy Venue Manager Service & BOCOG Security Expert), Mr. Qi Zonglin (Assistant Engineer), Ms. Li Zhuting (Competition Project Assistant), Mr. Wang Ke (Photo Service Manager), Ms.Liu Jianping (Deputy Venue Manager Logistics), Mr. Liu Guozhen (Competition Expert). Mr. Ren (Yum) is in charge of the badminton issues of Olympic Venue.

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